Here are the answers to the most common questions we are asked about the waterfront RiverSound community.

Can you camp on the lots?

RiverSound One, and the Farms at RiverSound, there is no camping allowed at any time on the lots.

How many homes are built in RiverSound?

Currently there are six homes occupied in RiverSound. Four other homes are under construction. 

Do you have to build within a certain timeframe?

You do not have to build within a certain timeframe, but once construction begins, it needs to be completed within one year.

Do I have to use a specific builder?

Any builder is welcome to build in RiverSound providing they follow the guidelines. 

How far is it to the nearest town?

The town of Edenton is the closet town. It is approximately 8 miles and takes about 15 minutes by car. 

What do the POA dues cover?

The POA dues take care of the maintenance of the roads, common areas, the boat ramp and dock, playground, parks, viewing/fishing piers and the sewage treatment plant. RiverSound One dues is $600.00 per year. The Farms at RiverSound, they are $800.00 per year.

Will the roads in the Farms be paved?

No, the roads in The Farms at RiverSound will remain gravel. 

Does the subdivision have Internet?

The subdivision has fiber internet throughout. 

Is there a size requirement for the homes?

Yes, RiverSound One has a minimum square footage for a one story home is 1800 square footage and the minimum square footage for a two story home is 2200 square Feet. The minimum square footage in The Farms at RiverSound is 1200 square feet. 

Are there restrictive covenants?

Yes, both neighborhoods have restrictive covenants. 

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